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Alatskivi / Allatzkiwwi
The Feel of a Little Bit of Scottish Romance near Lake Peipsi
Architectural style: Neo-Gothic
Region: South-Estonia
County: Tartumaa
Address: Alatskivi alevik, Alatskivi vald, 60201
Phone: +372 5286598, +372 5144051
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Alatskivi castle, located in eastern Estonia, is a surprising collection of towers and jagged gables of the type most often found in the British Isles, but is very unusual for the border areas of the Baltic States. The castle was built as part of a project by the owner, Arved von Nolcken. He had recently been to England and Scotland and had admired the modern architecture there. His own building was finished in the Neo-Gothic style in 1885, and was built in the style of Balmoral, the British Royal summer residence in Scotland. Of course, Alatskivi is smaller and more humble than Queen Victoria’s summer residence, but the details are very similar. The reception rooms are on the first floor. There is a hallway, with a pillared balcony and one gigantic fireplace and a stove, which run between two floors. The auditorium is decorated with Neo-Classical Corinthian posts and the walls of the art gallery with dark wooden panels. The forecourt is reached via a gatehouse. Constructed of red clay bricks in 1880, it has stood strong during the interim years. The granary, stables and other economically-constructed buildings are located a few hundred metres away from the main building. The large gentleman’s house, with its “stone-embroidered” plaster surface, was converted into a school building in 1929. The picturesque park is large and has a varying landscape relief, complete with two lakes. In the 20th century the house had several owners and stood empty for ten years before undergoing refurbishment by the local council in co-operation with the Juhan Liiv Museum. Work was begun at the main house and today the fully remodelled house is open for guests.
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