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Pilguse / Hoheneichen
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Architectural style: Baroque
Region: West-Estonia
County: Saare maakond
Address: Jõgela küla, Lümanda vald, 93301
Phone: +372 4545445, +372 5240033
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Pilguse manor, which lies on Saaremaa’s west coast, is also located on the edge of Estonia - you can't go any further without getting your feet wet. The local stony fields never delivered much profit, so most incomes were earned from cattle and the sea. One of the most famous sailors and the discoverer of Antarctica, Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen (1778-1852), came from Pilguse manor. Between 1803 and 1806 Fabian Gottlieb took part in Adam Johann von Krusenstern's round-the-world trip. Bellingshausen became famous after his Antarctica expedition (1819-1820), when the yachts "Vostok" and "Mirnõi" got within 80 kilometres of the continent. Bellingshausen was the first to describe the coast. The architectural ensemble is small, as is usual in Saaremaa. The entranceway from the main road is marked with high-roofed stone columns, but there's no tree-lined boulevard. Instead you will notice a unique system of roads and courts, which has survived from the 18th century, and is bordered with low stone gardens. The mansion is a massive single-storey slate Baroque building, which has a hipped roof and was finished in the first decades of the 19th century, when its master was Berend Woldemar von Aderkas. Having stood vacant for some years, the complex found new owners in 2000. The renovated southern and northern side of the “cattle-castle” stands as a holiday and seminar centre. The southern wing houses a hall with a stage for 100 people, showers and a kitchen. In the southern wing is a guesthouse for 60 people. All rooms have a shower and a toilet, half of the studio-rooms also have a kitchen. Next to the northern wing there is parking, a place barbeque, and to play football and volleyball. There is also enough room to put up tents. The sea is only a short walk away, where you can go swimming from a sandy beach, pilot a boat and sailboard.
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