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Eivere / Eyefer
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Architectural style: Art Nouveau
Region: Middle-Estonia
County: Järvamaa
Address: Eivere küla, Paide vald, 72751
Phone: +372 3849670
Fax: +372 3891221
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Brief glimpses of Eivere's main house are visible through the trees in the park in the true traditions of a forest-based mansion, ready to welcome the wanderer home. Red roofs lay over some spires and verandas with large windows, from which beautiful falling autumn leaves can be seen. Inside there are halls with chequered tile floors, a couple of rooms with cosily-burning fireplaces, while on the walls of the rooms there is dark wooden panelling providing a friendly atmosphere. There were several manor houses of this style built in the Baltics in the beginning of the 20th century. They were no longer the palaces of pillars and enormous halls like in the previous century, but cosy villa-like country houses, which had to offer peace and comforting rest to the family after a tiring day in the fields, or out hunting. The inspiration for them came from contemporary buildings in England and Germany, which were built in the Heimatstil - the so-called homeland style. One such gentleman's house was built in 1912 about 10 kilometres from Paide in Eivere. The owner, Mr Reinhold von Stackelberg, used the walls of the new building to create a modern home for his family. The building gained a multi-angular, sharp-spired turret, some jagged, neo-gothic protruding elements and a veranda with large windows. The internal work lasted a little longer, which meant that the building would cope with a new owner in the form of Ernst von Stackelberg, the brother of the previous owner. Unfortunately Ernst could not enjoy his new house for very long, just six years after its completion it was confiscated under the Estonian land reform. From the time of the Soviet occupation in 1945, the gentleman's house became a nursing home, lasting until 1998. A few years later and Eivere was sold to a private owner. Finnish owners began to refurbishing the main house in 2003 and 2007 Eivere Manor was opened for guest.
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