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Olustvere / Ollustfer
Olustvere Tourism Centre
Architectural style: Art Nouveau
Region: Middle-Estonia
County: Viljandimaa
Address: Olustvere alevik, Olustvere vald, 70401
Phone: +372 4374280
Fax: +372 4374280
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Even if there are many impressive tree-lined roads leading up to manor houses in Estonia, the longest of them leads to the centre of Olustvere manor. Rows of trees on three sides meet at a romantic red brick mansion. The castle, built in the English manor house style, was finished in around 1903. The quality of construction is remarkable both inside and outside. A wooden balustrade staircase runs between two floors from a hall at the centre of the building and wooden panels have been used to highlight the other rooms. Olustvere manor complex is one of the best preserved in Estonia. There are many additional buildings, most of which were built at the cusp of the 20th century and are solid fieldstone and brick buildings. In front of the main house is the oddly-named Old Lady's House, which was extensively rebuilt in the 1920s. The park was designed in 1903 by the most famous modern day park architect, Georg Kuphaldt of Riga. Although the manor was founded in 1632, its best days began in 1742, when it became the property of the Fersens. The title of Count, bestowed upon Hans Heinrich von Fersen by Czarina Catherine II, opened the doors to St Petersburg's court and they remained the Czar's close friends until 1917. In 1920 the manor housed an agronomy school and it continues its work there to the present day. This is why Olustvere’s historic buildings are so well-maintained. The castle is currently home to a tourism centre.
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