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Saka / Sackhof
Pearl of the Coastal Cliff
Architectural style: Neorenaissance
Region: North-Estonia
County: Ida-Virumaa
Address: Saka küla, Kohtla vald, 30103
Phone: +372 3364900
Fax: +372 3364901
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Saka manor is located on the high coastal cliff of northern Estonia. Saka manor centre was established in about 1629, when the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf gifted the possession to Jörgen Letzle who as to some data had travelled to the Baltics from Scotland. In the 18th century the manor became the part of the huge possessions of Otto Magnus von Stackelberg who possessed the close Püssi, Kohtla, Ereda, Purtse manors and who was one of the major land owners in Estonia. In the II half of the 19th century the family of Löwis of Menar acquired Saka manor. In 1877 they also inherited the close manor of Maidla and therefore Hermann Löwis of Menar, the last pre-land reform owner, used Saka as the summer residence. The mansion house completed in 1864 was the two-storied stone building in Neo-Renaissance style, with the then modern flat roofs, windows grouped with plaster peripheries and high openings with central tower. For the last 60 years Saka manor has predominantly been in military use and therefore inaccessible to the public. The new life arrived to Saka bluff in 2000s when the state sold the manor complex to the private ownership. The manor buildings located in the place with outstanding landscape, right in the edge of the 50-metre high cliff steep, are to be renovated into a visiting centre of the Baltic bluff. The idyllic spa-hotel and restaurant have been currently opened in one of the outhouses. The tidying of the park landscape has been carefully dealt with. The spotlight building of the border guard of the former Soviet Union has been reconstructed into a watchtower of tourists and exclusive place of seminar, the lighted network of walking paths and the signed hiking path have been established, the grand staircase takes from the cliff down to the seashore. The extra sight is more than 20-metres high Saka waterfall falling down the bank in the edge of the park. The Estonian government applies for the switching of the Baltic bluff to the list of the natural objects of UNESCO World Natural Heritage List with the Baltic Klint Visitor Centre in Saka manor.
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