Welcome to Estonia
Dear friend of manors,

In the northern country of Estonia, there is a unique collection of architectural jewels – more than 1,000 manor ensembles established over the centuries.

This heritage has been left by landowners of various nationalities, who constructed manors on the territory of Estonia over time and made them local innovative centres.

Now that we have joined the European Union, even more enthusiastic people who respect ancient values are making a joint effort to preserve the most beautiful Estonian manors and to revive the manor culture.

With this publication, the Estonian Manor Association’s whose members, caring, active and forward-looking manor owners; invite you to participate in the ongoing development of manor culture in Estonia.

In this way, future generations will also be able to enjoy Estonian manor houses and the culture, history and undisturbed nature of this beautiful country by the Baltic Sea.

We kindly invite you to discover the land of a thousand manors!

Sincerely yours,

Jaan Kriisa

Estonian Manor Association
Estonian Manor Association

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