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Mäetaguse / Mehntack
A Pearl Between Moors and Mines
Architectural style: Classicism
Region: North-Estonia
County: Ida-Virumaa
Address: Pargi 1, Mäetaguse vald, 41301
Phone: +372 3331150, +372 53035436
Fax: +372 3331177
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In the history books, Mäetaguse manor was first mentioned in 1542 and its founder was Peter von Tiesenhausen. In 1638 the manor went to Fabian von Wrangell through marriage. In the time between 1680 and 1690, Baron Ungern-Sternberg was renting the manor. In 1736 it was sold to Otto Fabian von Rosen and the manor remained in Rosen's name for nearly two centuries. The present mansion was built in the time of Eugenius Octave von Rosen, in 1796. In 1890 the main house was renovated and the current lay-out dates back to that point. The restored Classical mansion is very representative of the era and boasts a richly decorated interior. Special attention should be paid to the 200 year-old dyke doors, ceiling painting in the Secco style and the rich strukk decor: the walls have a frieze in chaplet and laurel motives and the ceilings are decorated in laurel leaf ribbon. The Mäetaguse parish council meets inside the present day main building, but seminars, banquets, concerts and shows can also be held there. One of the worthiest manor ensembles in Ida-Virumaa is in Mäetaguse and is made up of ten buildings. The former owner's house has a medical centre inside it, while the dairy is now a sauna and in the old distillery is the culture centre. In January 2006 Meintack manor hotel opened in the former carriage house. The manor buildings are surrounded by a ten hectare manor park.
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