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Taagepera / Wagenküll
Taagepera Castle – the Heart-warming Luxury of Old Times
Architectural style: Art Nouveau
Region: South-Estonia
County: Valgamaa
Address: Taagepera küla, Helme vald, 68502
Phone: +372 7666390
Fax: +372 7635590
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In the centre of beautiful landscape of Valgamaa Taagepera castle stands on the hill like an ambassador from the dim old times. The house could originate from the troll stories – relation with the Nordic countries, especially with the Finnish national romantic architecture is obvious. The Art Nouveau style castle was ordered by Hugo von Stryk and this was completed in the years 1907-1912 according to the plan of the architect Otto Wildau from Riga. The central rooms of the castle – the arched stair hall, hunting hall – are located in the lower floor. The rooms have been planned according to the English safe hunting castle: huge fireplace, numerous dark wooden panels, leather sofas, cabinets. The unique view to the surrounding landscape and to the numerous outhouses is opening up from the tower of the castle. The park is surrounded by the wall of quarry stone which has two stylish arches. Since May 2003 the exclusive hotel is located here. In the wings of the castle two floors have been authentically furnished, the rooms and suites with contemporary comforts. In the first floor the classical restaurant with the excellent kitchen and the halls which are used for organising conferences, company parties and wedding banquets are located. It is possible to order massages and enjoy the steam of the genuine sauna with the wood heating. The hunting outings are organised for the public. Taagepera with its green forests, ultra clean river tested by the scientists and healing fresh air is the best place of Taagepera for the healthy nature-close vacation.
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