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Vihterpalu / Wichterpal
Source of the Lasting Decisions
Architectural style: Classicism
Region: North-Estonia
County: Harjumaa
Address: Vihterpalu küla, Padise vald, 76003
Phone: +372 6541570, +372 53307478
Fax: +372 6541571
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The manor of Vihterpalu has recovered in the 21st century like a Sleeping Beauty. Pursuant to the moving of the school from the mansion house in 1960s, the building fell into the sleep of death; stood mostly as empty and decomposed. Up to the time when the prince – the Finnish businessman Timo Lemberg- arrived to the Sleeping Beauty and fell in love. After four years and expending of 50 million kroons the manor designed for the hotel and conference centre arose to the new life more beautiful as ever. Although the manor has already been mentioned in the middle ages as the possession of Lihula and Padise cloister, the more serious business activities started there in 1622 when the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf gave Vihterpalu with the manor of Padise and island of Suur-Pakri as a gift to Thomas von Ramm, the mayor of Riga. The family of Ramm possessed the manor up to the year 1919; recently at the beginning of the 20th century, the baroness Sofie Rosen (born von Ramm). Her husband Alfred von Rosen who managed the manor life as the son-in-law since 1893, originated from the famous family: he owned for example aristocratic palace with the pillars designed by the architect Carl Ludwig Engel on the slope of Toompea. The late classicistic main building of the manor of Vihterpalu similar to the abovementioned palace probably originates from the 30s of the 19th century. By today the tumbledown main building has been perfectly renovated including 19 hotel rooms, party room, two seminar rooms, library room, restaurant, bar and two cigar rooms. The rooms were designed as epoch-like, the furniture was made upon special order. The new hotel building including 12 rooms, conference room and sauna was built by the mansion house on the ruins of the former stable. The manor park expanding at the coast of the river of Vihterpalu has been restored. The territory offers several places for spending one’s active vacation like a tennis court, golf range and simulator. The sea is just only from the distance of walking path. The crown of the manor is its own landing ground of the helicopter.
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