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Viljandi / Schloss Fellin
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Architectural style: Neorenaissance
Region: South-Estonia
County: Viljandimaa
Address: Tasuja pst. 4, Viljandi, 71020
Phone: +372 4349440
Fax: +372 4349440
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The manor of Viljandi is located in the heart of the town, close to Castle Hills, right opposite the Jaani Church. There is nothing strange about it, knowing that there was a time when the manor signified Viljandi town. That was in 1624, when the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf gave the town with its surrounding land as a present to the state marshal Jacob de la Gardie. From 1878–1880 Oswald von Ungern-Sternberg established a new big manor house in the trend of Neo-Renaissance. The park established by the Ungern-Sternbergs originally covered beside the surroundings of the manor house also the whole area of Castle Hills of Viljandi town. Nowadays it is the most popular resting place, which is full of people every summer at the end of July, when the Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place. Since 2002 the manor is in the property of AS Acropolis. Right now the building is under construction and it will be a hotel-boarding house for seniors. It the future the manor of Viljandi shall offer full-value residence to elderly people, who do not want to live alone or who have problems with coping with the everyday life. Specialists of different fields shall take care of the residents of the boarding house, creating a secure and cosy environment. They are also offered leisure time activities: trips, concerts and performances in the small concert hall of the manor house. Hotel section shall find its location on the ground floor of the building. The rooms of the hotel as well as of the boarding house are single and double. A suite and a cosy restaurant are located on the ground floor. The boarding house offers a full range of services, including everything necessary for life: catering, entertainment, medical care, cosmetic service. A sauna complex shall be constructed which can be used by all visitors of the hotel-boarding house. A beauty parlour operates (manicure, pedicure, foot treatment and hairdresser); the residents of the hotel-boarding house as well as other visitors are welcome there. A day centre shall also find its location in the Viljandi Manor, where the possibility of bringing an elderly person for one day or, if necessary, for a longer period of time exists.
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